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CMAS: 4-17-03-0068E (CMAS FAQs)
DGS Small Business: 0012648


CMAS Contract No.: 4-17-03-0068E
CMAS Contract Term: Term: 03/10/2017 – 03/31/2022

Common Questions About CMAS Contracts and Bidding

What is CMAS?
What does "best value" mean?
What is the maximum allowable CMAS contract?
How many CMAS offers does the agency have to solicit?
Are the rules the same for local government?
Is there a fee to use CMAS?
What services does Transcend's CMAS contract cover?
How can I get a copy of Transcend's CMAS contract?

What is CMAS?

CMAS is the California Multiple Award Schedule. CMAS provides state and local government agencies with a procurement mechanism that is efficient and insures agencies that they will get the best value for their budget. CMAS contracts can be awarded based on lowest cost or best value.
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What does “best value” mean?

“Best value” constitutes whatever the agency determines to be the most critical to ensure that its business needs and goals are effectively met and they obtain the most value.

Examples of best value criteria include:
• Quality of the service and technical competency
• Supplier’s expertise with projects of similar scope and complexity
• Prior record of supplier’s performance
• Industry and program experience
• Price
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What is the maximum allowable CMAS contract?

Transcend’s contract limit is $250,000.
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How many CMAS offers does the agency have to solicit?

Only 1 offer is required if:
• the agency determines and documents that the price is fair and reasonable, and
• the contract amount is under $5,000.

At least 3 offers are required to be solicited for contracts over $5,000.
The supplier’s CMAS contract must list the requested products and/or services. And at least one of the bidders must be a CA certified small business or DVBE.
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Are the rules the same for local governments?

No. Local governments in California set their own order limits, and are not bound by the above order limits and requirements.
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Is there a fee to use CMAS?

No. Because Transcend is a CA certified small business, the CMAS administrative fee is waived.
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What services does Transcend’s CMAS contract cover?

Our contract includes written (document/web) translation to and from English in 37 languages, including all languages spoken in California.
We are also authorized to provide these services:
• transcription/translation of audio/videotape to text,
• adaptation/updating text, including your original English,
• translation support services, including community review, formatting/dtp, graphics, and voiceovers.
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How can I get a copy of Transcend’s CMAS contract?

State and local agencies interested in contracting with Transcend through our CMAS contract should contact:
• Amy Abramson, Financial Manager,, or
• Your Transcend Project Manager
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