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The Team

Transcend is one heck of a team! Linguists, Project Managers, Proofers, Editors, and Graphic Artists work side-by-side with one common goal: to produce the best possible product, in a positive, professional environment. It sounds old-fashioned, but we are truly proud of the work we do and we are delighted to serve you. To learn more about who we are, meet us below.

Group Photo of Transcend Candid Group Photo of Transcend Another Candid Group Photo of Transcend Amy Abramson and Maria Mindlin Project Managers Project Managers Candid Photo Project Managers Goofy Photo Proofing Team Proofing Team Close Up DTP/Graphic Artist Team DTP/Graphic Artist Team Candid
  • Amy Guest

    Amy Guest: Project Manager and Director of Field Testing
    Projects & Testing

    Nicole Newman

    Nicole Newman: Graphic Designer and Assistant Project Manager
    Design & Projects

    Maria Mindlin

    Maria Mindlin
    Readability & Projects

    Kim Losenara

    Kim Losenara: Graphic Designer
    Design & Iconography

    Amy Abramson

    Amy Abramson: Financial Manager
    Financial Management

    Aldo Montijo

    Aldo Montijo: Graphic Designer
    Design & Nerd

    Susan Holmes

    Susan Holmes: Plain Language Editor/Proofreader
    Proofer & Editor

    Kasey Merten

    Kasey Merten: Language Manager
    Language & Outreach

    Tanu Padath

    Tanu Padath: Junior Graphic Designer and Proofreader
    Design & Proofing

    Sam Warren

    Sam Warren: Proofreader and Spanish Linguist

    Margaret Waterhouse

    Margaret Waterhouse: Proofreader and Editor
    Special Projects

    Stan Trinh

    Stan Trinh: Special Projects
    Special Projects

    Heidi Gonzales

    Heidi Gonzales: Proofreader
    Special Projects